DBA: Diving Dynamics Kelowna, BC Canada (PCTIA # 705)

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Dive Platform

The institute’s diving platform is located on Lake Okanagan. Lake Okanagan has more than 500km’s of shore line with an average depth close to 100 meters. CDI will be introducing in 2017 our new barge which is a Flexifloat Model S-70 series.  The new barge has over 80T of working capacity and will be oufitted to exceed all training platforms in North America to insure that CDI Students receive the best training possible..   The standard equipment on the barge is:

  • Fully certified and inspected containerized deep diving Sur-d-O2 spread with a 54” dual lock chamber supported by a low pressure and high pressure gas delivery system.
  • Hydraulic A-Frame with diver stage and clump weight.
  • Hydraulic A-Frame with a main winch and capstan winch. (Rated for 5000lbs.)
  • Hot Water Diving System
  • Complete Hydraulics for Advanced Tooling Applications
  • Ultrathermic Cutting Stations
  • Wet Welding Stations
  • Dry Welding Station
  • Complete Tool Crib
  • High Pressure Quad Breathing Air System (CSA Z180 / Grade E Quality Breathing Air)
  • Low Pressure Breathing Air System (CSA Z180 / Grade E Quality Breathing Air)
  • Complete selection of Kirby Morgan Helmets and Air Hats.
  • The most advanced Underwater Project Sites in Canada.
  • Custom built Munson Landing Craft. (2009)