DBA: Diving Dynamics Kelowna, BC Canada (PCTIA # 705)

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01 CAT1 14 - Spencer Huen

"The instructors have a great understanding of all criteria [CSA Competency Standards] and I wish I had more time to pick each of their brains.  The 6 months [on course] does not do justice to the level of knowledge that Alex Ramsbottom [Program Director] has to offer."

02 CAT1 12 - Grant Bokvist

"The operations director and school staff were very helpful and willing to accomodate my individual situation that enabled me to enroll in the earliest and most convenient course.
The course director and supervising staff were very encouraging, motivational, even inspiring in the passing of their knowledge, skills and experience including professional and personal advice.
The field environment and equipment were very reliable and proved to be save, well maintained and efficient throughout the course.  The academic institution was clean with well updated equipment as well.
The geographic location of the school being set in the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan region of BC is well known for its access to diverse outdoor activities that represent the best of what Canada is known for.  It's confirmed to be a  very easy-going environment with a relaxed mountainous and lake-side setting combined with urban amenities.
It was all together a great experience that will always be remembered!"


01 CAT1 13 - Theryl Grundy

"Attending Diving Dynamics (CDI's) Commercial program really taught me one thing - if you want something bad enough you'll work hard enough to achieve it. Joining 1CAT1 2013 was an amazing decision and graduating was even better. The course was incredibly difficult at times but the satisfaction I enjoyed every time I met and overcame a new challenge kept me moving forward. I learned a lot about myself as a person and who I needed to be for my chosen profession. My instructors had so much to offer in terms of knowledge and experience and they did their best to help me learn and grow – I would still be wondering what I could achieve without them. Completing the Commercial course provided me the skills and knowledge necessary to get started as a professional Commercial diver. More importantly, CDI helped me form the mindset needed to work and succeed in the industry: work hard, work safe, never stop learning and get it done."


02 CAT1 12 - Anthony Stelzer

"CAT-1 was in my opinion truly eye opening only being 18 years old and going into the commercial industry. When you think about the commercial industry you think about a guy that is 35 and jacked but that is not the case with the dive industry it is a myth! While it is important to stay in shape for this amazing career most of us are not juice monkeys on oil rigs. Divers are one of the closest nit group of people and all get along with each other since there are a select few of us. In this line of work you'll get to go to places you didn't know existed and see some truly awe inspiring things in your work. I have done bridge rehabilitation in Ontario Canada and worked in the gulf of Mexico. The best piece of advice I could offer to someone going into this line of work is you need to know and learn to adapt to the surroundings. One job might be a breeze and the other one you want to get out of on day 5. Just be ready and be prepared and you will go far in this career."

01 CAT1 13 - Doug Treadgold

"As someone with relatively little diving experience I was apprehensive enrolling in the CAT 1 program at CDI.  The combination of quality industry standard equipment, a purpose built facility, and incredibly knowledgeable instructors who continue to be part of the industry put any anxieties to rest.  The course was varied, challenging and most of all gratifying.  I highly recommend the school and its programs and can say with certainty that I made the right choice!"


01 CAT1 13 - Eric Etches

"I attended the February 2013 class for Unrestricted surface supplied diver and graduated in June 2013.
The staff at Diving Dynamics were very helpful and supportive. They are extremely knowledgeable and made learning fun and easy. There were many extracaricul activities for us to take part in which made the class even more enjoyable.
The staff not only taught us what we needed to know to be successful but helped us make contacts in the industry in order to find gainful employment.
Immediately upon graduation I was successful in finding rewarding emplyment where I was able to use the skills that I learned while on course and have been able to build upon to increase my knowlege and skills.
If you are considering a rewarding career in Commercial Diving I wiuld reccommend that you start with the team at Diving Dynamics!" (Diving Dynamics is the name under which the Commercial Diving Institute of Canada falls)

Prior Learning Assessment & Review (PLAR) - Mario Müggler of Switzerland


"A huge thanks to the kindly team of Commercial Diving Institute of Canada for all the support and the possibility to upgrade my HSE commercial diver certificate during the PLAR course to the DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver.
Since I started working as a commercial diver, I met a few commercial divers working for years in the diving business but with less knowledge and competence than the students I could meet by CDI and they weren’t certified at this point.
I’m really looking forward to meeting one of these students on the field, because I know they got a great education as commercial divers for in and offshore work and not just a basic course.
Yours, Mario Müggler, Commercial Diver in Europe Nor.”