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General Tuition Notes & Policies

The tuition fees at the Commercial Diving Institute of Canada are tax exempt and tax deductible as post-secondary education for all Canadian students. Canadian students are eligible to apply for provincial and federal student loans, apply for educational student lines of credit with most major banks in Canada and eligible students may also apply for Human Resources Development Canada financial support for job re-training programs. In addition most RESP’s and Passports to Education can be used at the college. Canadian Forces personnel on release from the military may upon application receive financial assistance when applying for training. All tuition is bonded while students are attending college.

International students pay the same tuition as domestic students. There are no increases in the fees.

All tuition dollars are to be paid in Canadian Dollars and may be paid with cheque, money order, wire transfers, e-transfer payment, debit transactions, VISA or Masster Card.

There is a $150.00 non-refundable PTIB School Registration Fee that is payable on all programs more than 24hrs in length.

*Note: International Student Registration fee is $350.00 and is also non-refundable.*

*Note: PLAR registration, documentation review and online pre-assessment exam fee is $590.00.*

Tuition Payment Schedule:  50% of the tuition is due on the first day of class and the balance is required at the start of week 7 for all course over 12 weeks in length. 100% tuition is required on the first day of class for all courses less than 12 weeks in length.