Doug Olson

Doug Olson is a graduate of the first Unrestricted Surface Supplied program run by CDI in 2007. Right out of school Doug found himself busy with civil diving projects across British Columbia, up into the Yukon and on the East Coast of Canada.

It was in 2011 that Doug found himself venturing into the offshore diving sector that led him to participate on subsea projects worldwide. As he moved up through the ranks it was in 2014 that he completed his Closed Bell Diver program and was picked up by Bibby Offshore for diving operations in the North Sea and Trinidad. With the growth of his leadership and experience he has found himself in the driving seat of the Commercial Diving Division at Diving Dynamics and when time permits actively engages and works with students at CDI. In addition to his diverse background in diving, Doug has also worked in the CDI Consulting Division and has been instrumental in writing up IMCA documents and processes for companies actively ensuing IMCA certification.

Having a civil, offshore air, supervisor, closed bell diver and professional diving consultant as part of the team at CDI is another reason that CDI is fast becoming a Global Centre recognized for the training of Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers!