Choosing the right Commercial Diving School is an important first step in a successful career in Commercial Diving. The Commercial Diving Institute of Canada (CDI) is a high resource training center that has earned a global reputation for training some of the strongest civil and offshore divers for employment.

Here is why CDI is recognized as a leader in diver education and a sample of the cerifcations you can earn while at school:

  • Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) Designated Training Establishment.
  • Unrestricted Surface Supplied Certifications issued through the DCBC are IMCA compliant and accepted Worldwide! Having a certification that opens the global market place for employment is essential when it comes to managing and growing your career as a diver.
  • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Accredited as a Training Provider for the specialized Diver Medical Technician (DMT) program and renewal programs. The DMT certification is extremely valuable for employment in the civil and offshore diving sectors.
  • Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Training Center authorized to teach the official KMDSI / Dive Lab Maintenance and Repair Technician course and Operator / User Training. The Kirby Morgan Tech certificate is a valuable qualification for employment with Civil Diving Contractors. All diving contractors are required to ensure that their Kirby Morgan helmets are maintained as per manufacturing requirements to remain compliant.
  • DESCO Air Hat Technician. CDI is the only authorized Technician Training Center worldwide for DESCO Air Hats. Earning your DESCO Air Hat Full Tech certificate will put you on point as a Dive Tech.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Certificate of Competency as per the CSA Z275.4 Standard.
  • DCBC Unrestricted SCUBA Certificate to support a wide range of diving employment opportunities.
  • Accredited Private Training Institution through the Ministry of Advanced Education in the Province of British Columbia. Tuition is tax exempt & tax deductible. Canadian students can apply for provincial and federal student loans and may also be eligible for student grants through HRDC Canada.
  • Workplace First-Aid, CPR & AED certificates are recognized Worldwide.
  • Oxygen Administrator certificates are recognized Worldwide. Renew the Oxygen Admin course online!
  • Trained in the use of a digital Asset Management System (AMS) that meets the CSA Z275.2 Code Requirements, IMCA International Code of Practice and the ADCI Consensus Standards. Training that embraces the future.
  • Trained to work in accordance to the CSA Z275.2 Code for Occupational Diving Operations, IMCA International Code of Practice and the ADCI Consensus Standards
  • Trained in the handling & transporting of high pressure cylinders as per the CSA Z 340B Competency Standard.
  • Digital Online Support for Self-Study during your training.