The 21-week fulltime Unrestricted Surface Supplied Program is the marque of all commercial diver programs. Endorsements available during this program include the Unrestricted Occupational SCUBA, KMDSI & DESCO Full Technician and the DMT/IMCA certification.

The Commercial Diving Institute of Canada (CDI) is pleased to announce that the school will be running it's first stand alone DCBC Occupational SCUBA course starting September 10th and graduating out on October 11th, 2019.  This new program will meet the new CSA Z275.4 competency requirements for commercial SCUBA.  Candidates will be trained to a maximum depth of 30m using the latest in Full Face Masks (FFM),bail-outs with switch blocks, wire-less and hardwire communication systems.  Maximum course load is set at 10 candidates.  To confirm a seat please register online.  For any additional information email [email protected] or call the school directly and speak with an Educational Coordinator today!  

The full Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA) course will run from September 30th - October 4th, 2019.  Please register online to ensure your seat is reserved.  

The Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA) Renewal course is running from September 30th - to October 4th, 2019.  Please register online to ensure your seat is reserved.  

The DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied Supervisor program is a significant step in the right direction to grow a professional diving career.  With the new CSA Z275.2 and Z275.4 standards about to be re-published this program will ensure you will be up to date.  This course will also review over lap between provincial regulations, CSA, IMCA and ADC'I' as these various bodies are having and will continue to influence the Canadian market place.  Time will also be spent on the development of Dive Project Plans, Risk Assessments and a digital Asset Management System (AMS).  

The base line criterion for entrance onto the Supervisor course is:  200+ Unrestricted Surface Supplied dives beyond school, 25 Trainee Supervisor dives and the supervision of mock emergencies involving Decompression Illness, Burst Lung Syndrome and Trapped Diver.  If the criterion is not quite met upon completion of the supervisor course it can be signed off following the course by a current DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied Supervisor.

Grow your career by signing onto the Supervisor course today!

Join CDI on the Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA) Renewal Program running from November 11th - November 15th, 2019.

Current DMT/IMCA Renewal Fees:  DMT Registration:  $150.00CDN  .  DMT Renewal Tuition:  $1,150.00  .  DMT Manual  $149.95 +5% GST

Certificates Issued:  DMT/IMCA 2 year certificate / Workplace First-Aid, CPR & AED and Oxygen Administration 3 year certificate 

Instructors:  Vern Johnston and Dr. Dave Kates 

The KMDSI / DESCO Full Technician Course will be run from November 25th to the 27th, 2019.  Candidates are encouraged to bring their own KMDSI and or DESCI Air Hat for Re-build.  Candidates requiring a re-build kit should contact CDI following their online registration to confirm the required parts kits.  Register early to confirm your seat.

The Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA) program will be offered from November 4th to November 15th, 2019.  Maximum course load is 10 students.  Please ensure that you register early to avoid missing out!  

Current Fee Structure:

.  DMT Registration Fee:  $150.00CDN   .  DMT Full Tuition:  $1,950.00   .  DMT Manual:  $140.95 +5% GST 

Certificates Issued:  DMT/IMCA 2 year Certificate, Workplace First0-Aid, CPR & AED and Oxygen Administration.

Instructors:  Vern Johnston and Dr. Dave Kates 


Advance registration is now being taken for the January 2020 Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver program.  Guarantee your seat on course by filling out the CDI Online Application today.  Call CDI today to learn about what our school has to offer.

Advance registration is now being take for July 2020 Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver program.  Submit your CDI Online Application today to confirm your seat for July 2020.  For International students this advance registration will provide ample time to ensure that all the Student VISA requirements have been met.  Contact the CDI Admissions Department with any additional questions that you may have.