The backbone of CDI is unequivocally the Alumni. One sign of a strong company that is aiming to the future is when the personnel profiles are covering off a wide range of experience. New divers with diverse backgrounds, experienced divers that have high levels of competencies that meet the corporate goals and then of course you need your veteran crew who have a lifetime of experiences to pass on. The goal behind the CDI Alumni Association is to build a Professional Diver Community.

The CDI Alumni is just like that. The CDI Alumni Association is made up of new graduates, divers mid-way through their careers and the divers who have time to give back to the industry. The CDI Alumni Association is simply a means by which to stay in touch with your industry. To get started you simply need to register and complete the profile information. CDI will send out Safety News Flashes and will keep you posted on upcoming social events!

CDI Alumni is also about employment. Once an approved CDI Alumni Member you will have access to our employment network for civil and offshore employment opportunities.  As a member in good standing CDI will provide exclusive employment opportunities that are not available outside the Alumni Center.  If you want to learn more about the CDI Alumni please give us a call.  Membership in the Alumni is free to graduating students for the first year.  


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