Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver Program (DCBC)

The Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver qualification is the premier Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) inshore & offshore certification that is recognized worldwide.

As a new diver the DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied certification will be the ticket to set your career on the right track with no limitations. The Unrestricted rating is also the pre-requisite for advanced training such as the Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA), Non-destructive Testing, Hydro-tech Welding and the Closed Bell Diver programs. CDI is committed to work with you to set educational goals that ensure positive employment outcomes.

This 21-week unrestricted program will qualify you to a depth of 50m, to weld and burn underwater, manage a wide range of energized tools, safely conduct in-water and chamber decompression dives and to work on civil & offshore projects. It will also train you to be an effective member of a dive team who can work productively within regulatory requirements while conducting diving operations from shore, barges and diving support vessels. 2019 will see CDI lead the charge in Canada for fully integrating the use of a Wet Bell and Occupational SCUBA to 30m for all Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers as required under the Diver Certification Board of Canada and the International Marine Contractors Association for implementation.  

Why choose CDI as your Commercial Diving School?

  1. Accredited DCBC, IMCA and Provincial Post-Secondary School.  *(Diving Dynamics is a designated school under PTIB. #705  CDI is the branding for the Diving Dynamics Career Development Division.)
  2. Custom Built Facility with a Pool Designed for Training Professional Divers
  3. Purpose Built Flexi-float Dive Barge: Containerized Deep Diving Spread, Remote Dive Control, Tech Room, Tool Crib, Launch & Recovery System, Diesel Hydraulics, Digital Recording, Knuckle Boom Crane, Remote Operated Vehicle & Equipped for Night Operations
  4. Canada’s most comprehensive underwater ‘Tool Box’ for divers in training. Featuring an engineered production platform facilitating projects such as: taught wire, riser and spool piece installations, technical inspections including echo sounding, mid-water work and a wide arrangement of civil, salvage and construction projects.
  5. Training Endorsements: Occupational  SCUBA (30m), Diver Medical Technician (DMT/IMCA), Full Kirby Morgan Helmet Technician Certification, Commercial NITROX & Gas Blending
  6. Exceptional Diving Supervisors with a passion for sharing their network and experiences in civil, offshore and closed bell operations worldwide.
  7. Training exceeds the current Canadian Standards Association Z275.4 Competency Code Requirements
  8.  Are you a qualified Occupational SCUBA Diver looking to become an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver?  If you are, contact Vern Johnston, Director of Operations for details on how you may well qualify for a tuition reduction!   

Admission Details

Explore the Key Features behind the CDI Unrestricted Surface Supplied program and discover why this school is recognized as Canada’s leading civil & offshore school training today’s divers with the latest technology and diving resources for tomorrows projects!

*IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association
*CSA – Canadian Standards Association

"This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training". 

Key Features

More than an Education

CDI has earned a reputation of training competent Commercial Divers that can work in the civil and offshore diving sector.  

Competency does not just happen.  CDI educational outcomes include core competencies beyond just diving that will set you apart when you arrive on your first civil or offshore contract. 

These Core Competencies are:

  • Operational and administrative awareness of the *IMCA, International Codes of Practice, *CSA Z275.2 Operational Standards & *OHS Rules
  • Working with the CDI cloud-based Asset Management System to insure all dive resources are tested, maintained and managed to meet the IMCA Codes of Practice, CSA Standards, *ADCI C121816.2 Edition Consensus Standards and OHS Rules will prepare you for the future!
  • Working on deck with your supervisor in support of barge movements, landing of the hydraulic driven 50ft tall barge spuds, bringing the dive platform onto a 4 part mooring, the organization of hydraulic tooling, down lines, job site lines, management of the hydraulic launch & recovery system for the diver stage / wet bell and supporting the divers in training below you is a serious part your training as a dive team member.
  • CDI students train in the roles of Diving Supervisor, Safety Officer, Lead Diver, Diver, Stand-by Diver, Tender, Dive Tech & Diver Medical Technician so that the team dynamics are well understood prior to transition into the workforce.
  • Close adherence to Dive Project Plans, Operational Matrixes and Job Safety Analysis prepares you for a safe and productive future.

The Underwater Tool Box

CDI is a firm believer that diver competency is not just about the number of hours underwater during training but rather what takes place during those training hours underwater.  The Underwater Tool Box is what separates CDI from other training providers.  The specialized dive barge has been constructed and built to meet the stringent requirements of the IMCA International Codes of Practice and the CSA Z275.2 Operational Code for Diving Operations so that your training will position you for key employment with Civil Contractors and Offshore Subsea Service Providers worldwide.  

The Key Features of the CDI Toolbox are:

  • Dive Barge has been professionally laid out to support day and night diving operations.
  • 54” Dual Lock Chamber inside an insulated sea-can with remote dive control & digital monitoring of divers. 
  • Dive station is supported by multiple low pressure and high pressure breathing air compressors that have been installed to the highest standards.
  • Diesel powerplant provides hydraulic power to support operations including diver launch & recovery, underwater tooling, deck winches & barge spud movements.
  • Deck painting as per the IMCA International Code of Practice 
  • Exclusive mock production platform underwater to support diver training for the installation of taught wires, riser clamps and risers.  The engineered mock production platform stands not less than 10m / 30ft off the substrate and supports projects on the bottom, mid-water and on the top of the platform.  Students learn to manage barge movements, crane movements with loads, installation of tuggers and rigging.  Just like you would in the real world!
  • CDI students work on measuring, aligning and landing spool pieces.  Actual pipeline tie-ins.  
  • Execution of a salvage plan on a keel hull sailing vessel provides experience in rigging, lifting systems and advanced teamwork!
  • Pipeline projects will introduce you to jetting and dredging operations.  
  • Civil projects include the landing of 750lb potable water intake screens onto 24” diameter series 150 flanges.
  • Internal 36” diameter pipeline inspections
  • Tooling stations include a wide range of hydraulic power tools!
  • Onboard ROV so that students learn to work with the support and intervention  of a remote operated vehicle.  

Your School Experience

CDI is a custom-built facility designed to support the professional development of Commercial Divers.  You will be greeted by professionals who have committed their professional careers to the dive industry and are now in the position of giving back and mentoring the next generation of global divers!

  • 4500sq’ facility with custom pool, hyperbaric unit, dive tech room, multiple classrooms, student lounge, canteen, administration, retail, service and a feeling of being at home.
  • Meet your staff under the ‘About Tab’ and see that CDI has employed Canada’s leading personnel to support the growth and development of CDI’s mission to be a leader in global training of tomorrow’s divers.  
  • Today’s business professors will tell graduates that ultimately their ‘Net Worth’ will be equal to their ‘Network’.  CDI staff and designated mentors are willing to share their network to help in launching your career!  
  • CDI is an official Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Training Center for full Tech Training. 
  • CDI is DESCO Air Hats first World-wide Training Center for Air Hat Technician Training. 
  • Complete online support for self-study while on course.
  • Your CDI Training Provider is situated in Kelowna, British Columbia and is one of the most beautiful places to go to school in Canada.  Explore the tab ‘Student Life’ and see what Kelowna has to offer you outside of school!