Dive Accident Management Online Renewal

The province of British Columbia requires all commercial divers working in the province to maintain a current Dive Accident Management (D.A.M.) certification. 

The Dive Accident Management program brings together essential decision making processes that emphasize industry best practices for accident prevention and management of diver emergencies. Topics covered will be the elements of proper Dive Project Planning, Emergency Response Resources including the use of Standby Divers, First Responders, Dive Medical Technicians and a on call Diving Medical Officer. All candidates must hold a current DCBC diving certification, Workplace First-aid, CPR & AED and dive medical to participate in the Dive Accident Management Program.

The ‘Apply Now’ button will take you to the registration page where on the drop-down menu simply select ‘Dive Accident Management Online Course’ and your training will begin in a matter of minutes. With a review of the Dive Accident Management slides you’ll be ready to answer a short quiz. With the quiz completed you’ll then be required to schedule a day of training at CDI. Your day will be spent on the CAT-1 Dive Barge alongside a senior Diving Supervisor under active diving operations as the criterion is covered off. .

The CDI Dive Accident Management Program has been designed to meet the needs of Worksafe BC diver competency requirements!

Admission Details