Becoming an Offshore Air and Closed Bell Diver is not unlike a pilot earning a commercial pilot’s license and then looking up to the sky to say, “I will be flying an Airbus someday!”

The Unrestricted Surface Supplied rating is the pre-requisite certification for becoming a Closed Bell Diver. The offshore diving industry has long attracted career divers as the opportunities for personal growth, advancement, adventure and travel are heavily tied into this sector of employment.

CDI is globally recognized as a reputable Designated Training Establishment that supports leading Offshore Service Providers with both entry level Air Divers, experienced Air Divers and Closed Bell Divers.

The opportunity for advancement in the offshore sector can lead to employment and training as an Offshore Air Diving Supervisor, Saturation Diving Supervisor, Dive Tech, Assistant Life-support Technician, Life Support Technician and Offshore Superintendent. A future career as a Closed Bell Diver begins with the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver Program.

The Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver Program certified through the Diver Certification Board of Canada and recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association is your ticket to offshore! The Unrestricted course will qualify you to work a depth of 50m offshore. Who will be working below you? Closed Bell Divers.