Career Planning & Reputation

Our Commitment to You

The Commercial Diving Institute of Canada (CDI) is a specialized ‘Technical Institute’ providing the highest level of dive career training that is internationally recognized. CDI promises to provide more than just an education by emphasizing personal development that will lead to confidence, courage and the communication skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive global market place.

CDI is recognized as a global leader in Diver Education through ‘Excellence in Training’. Students are introduced early in the program to ‘Employment Network Strategies’ that emphasize the value of niche market networking. Career Planning encompasses not just your first job; it covers both short & long term career planning objectives. Training in communications, network data management, cv development, cultural expectations in a global market and personal preparedness for being successful while at work are emphasized.

Continued success for graduates is supported through an Alumni Mentorship program. Alumni mentors are in a position to give back to new graduates by providing career advice and networking details that support the graduates’ growth. A professional divers ‘Network’ will be equal to their ‘Net Worth.’ The CDI Director of Operations will provide oversight to these core school commitments as your success is key!

Career Opportunities

Explore what might be ahead for you as a Commercial Diver


CDI graduates have garnered a strong reputation with leading Service Providers in both the civil and offshore sectors by applying core values of training that CDI focuses on.

These Core Values are:

  1. Mental Toughness – The capacity to stay focused and on task are key elements to success in the field of commercial diving.
  2. Set & Achieve Micro-Goals – Taking a complex task and breaking it down to manageable Micro-goals will build confidence in performance underwater and on the deck.
  3. Be Aware – Maintaining a sense of awareness of the environment, deck activities, rigging, crane movements, diving production and how these factors are impacting you and others is key to becoming a valuable team member.
  4. Visualize Success – Strong divers and team members visualize production, procedures and operations.
  5. Practice Humility – Know that you will not have the answer to every question.
  6. Mentorship – Identify and connect with a mentor. Listen and discuss projects, production and industry best practices.
  7. Do Small Things Right – Take personal pride in doing even the smallest things right as these practices will lead to success on even the largest of projects.
  8. Identify the Moments that Count - Know the moments that count on deck & underwater, and then prepare for these moments by staying true to all the core values.

Building a solid reputation is something that can be taught and ultimately earned by each graduate.