Kirby Morgan Technician

The Commercial Diving Institute (CDI) is an official Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Training Center authorized to teach the official KMDSI / Dive Lab Maintenance and Repair Technician course and Operator / User Training, in accordance with KMDSI / Dive Lab training guidelines, checklists, applicable operations and maintenance manuals.

For the new Unrestricted Surface Supplied graduate and current working diver, the full KMDSI Technician qualification is an excellent endorsement to better position yourself with civil diving contractors. Under current CSA Standards, Provincial OHS Regulations, IMCA International Codes of Practice and ADCI Consensus Standards civil diving contractors are required to demonstrate that they maintain their helmets to manufacturer guidelines. It has been our experience at CDI that Dive Tech’s at the civil level are in demand. The diver with the full KMDSI Technician certification is also certified to teach the KMDSI Operator / User program. The KMDSI Technician course is a 3-day program with great value for the diver and the dive contractor!  CDI also includes the DESCO Full Technician certification when students take the KMDSI Full Tech course!

The KMDSI Operator / User certification is a 1-day program that qualifies the diver to handle the helmets and to conduct daily’s and monthly checks on the product to ensure that Kirby Morgan guidelines are being followed. In addition, the candidate learns how to dial in a helmet, dress-in and dress-out a diver wearing a Kirby Morgan helmet.

Check the training calendar or contact the Admissions Department to plan for a custom course to meet your Dive Team’s schedule.

Admission Details

"This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Education, Skills & Training".  As such, PTIB did not review this program.