Unrestricted Occupational SCUBA Endorsement

All students attending the 21-week Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver program are eligible to take the Unrestricted SCUBA endorsement which will certify them to use SCUBA to 40m. This endorsement can be conveniently completed while on the surface supplied program. 

The SCUBA endorsement will qualify students to use Full Face Masks, wireless communications and auxiliary air systems within the occupational field of diving. The SCUBA endorsement opens unique opportunities for commercial divers to support underwater filming projects, marine science, aqua-culture, survey diving, underwater archeology and other diving services where SCUBA is the right tool.

All Candidates of the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver program are encouraged to take the SCUBA endorsement. Within the year, SCUBA will be taught as part of the core surface supplied diver program as the new standards for training are published by the Canadian Standards Association.

As a career management tool, the SCUBA endorsement is part of your ‘Plan for Success’ as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied diver.

When you register online for the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver program remember to check the Unrestricted SCUBA Endorsement box!

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