Required Gear

Outlined is all the required equipment for Surface Supplied Students and Students taking the SCUBA Endorsement. CDI maintains inventory of all the equipment with student packages available for purchase. The Admissions Department will assist you to insure you have the required equipment for your course.

Surface Supplied Students

  • Commercial Grade Dry Suit with Poseidon Valves and or Poseidon Inlet Nipple.
    *CDI has a Commercial Spec C-4 Commercial Dry Suit specifically manufactured to school specifications and built by Brooks Dry Suits in Western Canada.
  • Diving Mask
  • Commercial Quality Fins
  • Two Pair of either 5mm or 7mm Wetsuit Mitts or Gloves
  • Commercial Quality Dive Bag
  • 15L Dry Bag
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet Liner
    *Available at school and designed to fit the KMDSI Training Helmets
  • DOT Lifejacket
  • Diving Knife – CDI sells Victory Dive Knifes and a Knife Sheath that is custom built by the students!
  • CDI Offshore Tool Bag – Contents: hard tape, soft tape, calipers, rescue sling with 2 carabiners, diving compass & electrical tape.
  • Work Gloves: Leather for handling wire rope and a pair of light construction gloves
  • CSA Approved Work Boots
  • Coveralls or Carhartt Pants for Topside Work
  • Foul Weather Gear – Rain Jacket
  • Sun Glasses
  • Hardhat Provided by the school
  • Pocket Book for Field Notes

Occupational SCUBA Endorsement Students

  • Commercial Quality Buoyancy Compensator
  • Commercial Quality Regulator System
  • Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Primary & Secondary Underwater Light
  • Small Underwater Writing Slate

The Admissions Department will generate a personal budget sheet for your equipment requirements.