Closed Bell Dive Operations

Closed Bell Divers have a career defined by technology and adventure not unlike what an astronaut would experience working from the International Space Station.

Imagine being pressurized down to 100m inside a saturation system knowing that the pressure vessel will be your home for the next 28 days. Getting to work will require your team to transfer to the bell, which will be lowered down through the hull of the Diving Support Vessel to your worksite 100m below the surface of the ocean. There you will lock-out of the bell with a partner and start your days work! After 8hrs you’ll be on your way back to the main pressure vessel to clean up and get ready for dinner to be locked-in. There is truly no life like it!

Closed Bell divers develop strong relationships with their bell mates, Saturation Supervisors, Superintendents and Life Support Technicians. It takes a professional team to support Closed Bell Diving Operations. This experience could be part of your career if you choose to become an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver.