Alex Ramsbottom

Alex Ramsbottom is recognized in Canada as one of the leading Commercial Diving Instructors, who over the past 11 years has positively influenced the lives of numerous Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers. Many of these divers have gone on to become Air Diving Supervisors, Closed Bell Divers, Saturation Supervisors, Diver Medical Technicians, Underwater NDT Specialists and Diving Superintendents.

Always looking for ways to further contribute to CDI and the industry, Alex recently completed the Hyperbaric Safety Director certification issued under ATMO and facilitated by Simon Fraser University. In addition, CDI sent Alex down to Dive Lab, Panama City Florida where he obtained his instructor rating to facilitate the KMDSI Full Technician course which in turn qualified CDI as a KMDSI Technician training college. Working with DESCO Air Hat Manufacturing Alex also spent time down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin whereby we are pleased to announce that CDI is DESCO’s first accredited Full Technician training center worldwide!

As the CDI Program Director, Alex brings to the training platform an extensive history of diver education, civil and offshore diving experience. As CDI works towards delivering Global Excellence as a Training Provider for the Commercial Diving Industry Alex Ramsbottom is a solid part of the matrix.